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Reward by design

We believe in Reward and Benefits with a purpose, not just to keep up with the neighbours but to motivate, engage, attract and retain your people - and we think the best way to do this is by design.

We support you to design a Reward strategy that is simple but effective, aligned to your long term goals and values.

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Design thinking means that we look to solve a problem and put your people and your goals at the centre of this

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Well designed Pay and Benefits should also have a clear purpose

We develop this purpose with you to create a clear Employee Value Proposition (EVP) 



We start with defining your Reward principles

Once in place these will guide future Reward decisions



We design with your goals in mind

Whether this is a sales incentive scheme or a pay and grading structure to allow future talent moves we are clear on the goals we want to support your people achieving

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We can support your procurement of Employee Benefits  in line with your principles and purpose



We make sure that your Reward design aligns seamlessly with all aspects of your workplace

Finance, Payroll, HR, Operations are all considered in the process



Whatever you have going on in your Reward and Benefits space we can support you to deliver amazing - or if you need someone to pick it up and run with it you can outsource the work to us and we promise you will be blown away.

Sometimes Reward can feel a bit daunting but 'Don't Panic' we've got this!

Some examples of what we do:

Gender Pay Gap Reporting

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Any company with more than 250 employees is required by law to report their gender pay gap each year.

We not only can support the calculation as required by law but also help you understand what actions you can take to reduce your pay gap.

Working with your internal comms and PR teams we can craft communications that are easy to understand.

Benefits Implementation

Whether you need support with procurement or implementation of your Employee Benefits program we are here for you.

We have worked with many different suppliers and have a good understanding of their products and solutions and this combined with the fact we have implemented benefits to some of the UK's most well-known companies means that we know what works.

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Role Grading and Benchmarking


A well-designed role grading scheme is vital to support fair and equal approaches to pay as well as a clear talent and progression approach.

Coupled with benchmarking of any element of your Reward offering you can develop simple, consistent and fair reward principles.

We can develop bespoke grading our support you using a third-party grading provider.

Whatever you need support with we are super flexible and able to provide as much or as little as you need


Reward design review

Cloud9 People developed the Reward maturity model and our diagnostic tools to allow our clients to really understand where they are at on their Reward journey and what they need to do next to progress their Reward and Employee Benefits proposition.

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Reward Training

Coming soon!

We are in the process of developing a suite of training courses suitable for all levels in HR, whether you are currently in a Reward role but want to brush up your skills or if you are in HR and interested in learning more about Reward and Employee Benefits.